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Precision Die Cutting

Precision Die Cutting

Since our inception, GSM has been a leader in precision die cutting. Our extensive die cutting capabilities enable us to produce precision components from a range of materials for a variety of automotive applications. Die cut components can be supplied as pieces, sheets, and rolls to meet your assembly requirements.

Rapid Prototyping
  • Used for “one-off” prototypes from your CAD files
  • No tooling required
  • Allows you to evaluate different materials
  • Validate part design prior to commercial production
  • Reduce your design risk
Flat-Bed Die Cutting
  • Used for low to high volume production
  • Capable of cutting large format and thick parts
  • Good tolerance capabilities
  • In-line material laminating and kiss cutting
Rotary Die Cutting
  • Used for medium to high volume production
  • Capable of cutting intricate parts with multiple layers
  • Capable of registering multiple die cuts
  • Good tolerance capabilities
  • In-line laminating, slitting, and adhesive coating available
  • Clean room rotary die cutting available
  • In-line vision inspection is a GSM standard