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Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment

Chemical Etching
In contrast to our peer group, the GSM competitive advantage extends to our in-house chemical etching capability. This subtractive manufacturing process uses etching lines to remove material.  Where the customer determines specific areas of the metal need to be masked off to achieve the desired overall effect we are able to use a chemically resistant ink.  With our multiple etching lines we can offer either a light or deep etch profile using both aluminium and stainless steel for either small or volume part production.

In addition to our “Chemical Etching” capability, GSM has the ability to anodise aluminium internally to produce decorative interior and exterior trim. Our knowledge of this process enables us to vary both the thickness and colour of anodic film to meet your design intent.

Selective Brushing
In combination with either aluminium or stainless steel our selective brushing process enables GSM to mask areas whilst apply a coarse or fine brushed finished to others.