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Component Assembly – ZSB

Component Assembly – ZSB

Increasingly, current and prospective customers are looking to GSM to provide a turnkey package. Where historically GSM would have been looked upon as the Tier 2 supplier, today we are now firmly considered to be the Tier 1 option of choice. For both the OE and Tier 1 companies alike, the business case for working with illuminated tread-plate or bright tread-plate manufacturer to provide an assembled part is now proving to be irresistible.

Today, this means that we do not merely manufacture and supply bright or illuminated product but we now also assemble these components directly into plastic moulding or aluminium extrusions. With our strength in logistics and transport management this means that we can supply assembled product:

  • Directly to line-side or
  • Indirectly to a Sequencing Center or 3PL of the OE choice.

Globally, our manufacturing engineering team has the ability to design and commission a manufacturing processes that ensures a world-class first time quality enabling GSM to deliver your product on-time, every time.

Complex Electronic Assembly:

Where in-house designed PCB assemblies are used in the manufacture of our sector leading and innovative illuminated product range GSM has the ability to globally assemble and test these internally in an ESD controlled manufacturing environment.