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Rob Ashmeade – 首席财务官
Rob Ashmeade FCMA joined the GSM Leadership team in April, 2017. With a wealth of experience in working within multinational manufacturing companies Rob’s focus is on ensuring that GSM continues to manage its risk portfolio effectively such that the growth path of GSM will be maintained and the stakeholders of GSM will receive the focused data they require in a timely and compliant manner.
Diane Dick - Human Resources Manager - Global Operations
Diane Dick (Assoc CIPD) joined GSM Automotive in October 2017. With 20 years in HR Management, 14 of those in a global manufacturing and automotive environment, her focus will be in the development of our team members through motivating and empowering each, to play their part in the delivery the company’s global growth strategy. At GSM Automotive our number one asset is the people who work for us.
Andrew Farthing – Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Farthing位居这个经验丰富的领导团队之首。通过在汽车行业获得的工程和运营经验,他带领了GSM汽车从一个普通欧洲制造商壮大成为现在足迹遍布全球的企业。作为董事会成员,Andrew不仅需要监管GSM的多个制造分公司,同时还负责开发和实施GSM的未来战略计划。
Edward Matthysen – Vice President, Global Operations
Edward Matthysen joined GSM Automotive in 2019 with a background of senior level positions held with global Tier 1 companies internationally. With a strong focus on operations, lean systems and product launch he has been able to bring essential operational direction to GSM Automotive, with a focus on the companies fast growing global operations in mainland Europe and the USMC region.
Dave Myatt – 工程副总裁
Dave Myatt于2015年初加入了GSM,之前在一家全球一级汽车制造公司中担任了几个高级职位。他拥有在创新性复杂电子机械解决方案交付中熏陶而来的背景,现在带领着一支多国工程团队快速壮大,从而得以支持GSM不断扩大的全球客户群。
Brian Reilly – Senior Vice President, Business Development & Strategy
Brian Reilly拥有在英国和海外一些全球一级供应商企业担任高级职位的背景,于2010年加入了GSM汽车。他专注于客户和产品多样化、全球化和利润增长,带来了能够继续挑战GSM的商业头脑,以满足或超越现有及潜在客户的严格要求。

Vince Bailey MCIPS - Head of Purchasing
Joining in April 2020, Vince brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the varied basket of global commodity sourcing he has led through his automotive career. As the head of an expanding Purchasing Team Vince brings to the role over 22 years of industry knowledge gained, with company’s producing exterior LED lighting for the Supercar and Luxury vehicle international market. Confident that it’s only through team work that any business can succeed Vince is keen to move forward, at pace, to strengthen supply chains of our manufacturing footprint as it continues along a path of sustained growth.